Portfolio Management (KU Leuven, Campus Brussels, MBA Banking&Finance)

This is an introductory master's level course in Portfolio Management. All students - even without background in Finance - are welcome. The course is quantitative and theoretical, but it places a lot of emphasis on intuitive understanding and practical applicability of modern asset pricing theories. 

Money, Banking and Finance (KU Leuven, Master of Management Engineering, Brussels) 

A theory-based introduction to financial markets. Finance is essential for the smooth functioning of the real economy. In this course we study, discuss, and critically think about the variety of ideas and economic principles which shape the evolution of the financial services industry and its relation to other businesses, and ensure that finance can benefit the broader society.  

Banking Reading Group (Ph.D., see link)

Master theses

Feel free to contact me if you are a master student at KU Leuven and interested in writing a thesis in banking, asset management, financial regulations, or banking theory. Check out the guide first!

How to write your master thesis in Finance? A Brief Guide to KU Leuven (Campus Brussels) Students.